Health Room


  • Susan Green BSN, RN School Nurse
  • Deanna Auvile LPN. Special Needs Nurse
  • Tamra Moskos Health Assistant, Special Needs Aide
  • Cheryl Utz Health Assistant

About Us

North County High School is staffed by a Registered Nurse(RN) and two Health Assistants. We currently also have a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who is assigned as a Special Needs Nurse to a designated student. The RN, LPN and Health Assistants (HA’s) are qualified to administer both medication and First Aid as required to students and staff. As a general rule, the Health Suite is to be used for the following needs:

  • Medication Administration
  • Student medical treatment
  • All Injuries
  • Any Illness which includes symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and severe headache after which a parent or guardian may be contacted for student pick up as soon as possible
  • Rashes or other notable skin conditions
  • Emotional/Social issues which require further school staff intervention.


Students are permitted to receive medication/treatments from the Health Staff only when it is deemed absolutely necessary and an order completed by a Parent/Guardian and a MD, is on file in the Health Suite. A form entitled, “Parent’s Request to Administer Medication at School”, must be completed prior to any medication whether Prescribed or Over the Counter is ingested in any Anne Arundel County School setting to include North County High School. No medication can be accepted by Health Services Staff or allowed to be self- administered under the supervision of the staff without the completed form. Of course, parents and guardians may provide medication at their discretion to their son or daughter within the confines of the Health Suite when necessary after being screened by the School’s Main Office.

Parent’s Request to Administer Medication at School (English)
Diabetic Physician Order Form (English)
Diabetic Physician Order Form (Spanish)
Insulin Pump Order Form (English)

Illness During School Day

Whenever possible, all students who become ill during the school day must obtain a written pass from their classroom teacher or from the Administrative Staff during their lunchtime, in order to be admitted to the Health Suite. All admitted students will be assessed and encouraged to return to classroom instruction when medically allowable. Should they require further medical assistance, continued care will be provided and a parent/guardian will be contacted for school pick up. Only students with extenuating circumstances are encouraged to remain in the Health Suite pass 10 minutes. Students who have received any medical/social/emotional care from the Health Staff will be highly encouraged to call a parent/guardian to notify of their Health Suite visit. Should the student be unable/unwilling to make this notification, a staff member will make the call or leave a message on the student’s behalf.

Emergency Information

It is vital that all current phone numbers for parent/guardian contact, are on file for each student. During an emergency, the phone numbers that are currently on file will be utilize. If a 911 call is deemed necessary for the welfare and care of the student, the student will be sent out by ambulance without hesitation even though attempts at contacting the parent/guardian has been unsuccessful due to noncurrent/working school listed phone numbers.